Attention: [2020-02-08] Unfortunately our manifestoR package is currently not directly available on CRAN (using install.packages). We are working on fixing this issue but for now you can also install it using 'install.packages("manifestoR", repos = "")'. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Related Research Projects

General resources on Political Parties:

  • Party Facts links datasets on political parties and provides an online encyclopedia about parties and their history as recorded in social science datasets. The Manifesto Project's party codes are a core component of this project. Party Facts currently also provides links to parties of more than 14 other datasets.
  • The Parliaments and Governments Composition Database (ParlGov) by Holger Döring and Philip Manow provides information on election outcomes, parliaments and cabinets.

"Other" Manifesto Projects

  • Euromanifesto Project: The Euromanifesto Project uses a very similar methodology to study parties' electoral programmes for the European parliamentary elections.
  • Regional Manifestos Project: The Regional Manifestos Project applies the Manifesto Project's methodology to subnational elections.

Further related Datasets and Research Projects