Manifesto Corpus Translation

The Manifesto Corpus now also contains English translations of the electoral programmes. Overall, 1,593,932 quasi-sentences contained in the Manifesto Corpus were translated into English with the DeepL Translator. Together with the electoral programmes, which have English as the original language, the English language edition of the Manifesto Corpus now provides users with a resource that contains 1,626 coded electoral programmes from more than 50 countries between 1946 and 2022 in English (see examples below). An extensive technical report provides details on the implemented translation and validation procedures:

Manifesto Corpus Translation (PDF)

The translations can be accessed via our R-package manifestoR, our API, and our Dashboards. To investigate which documents have English translations available, please check the Manifesto Corpus Metadata for all documents which have their translation_en property set to true.


Belgium, cdH, 2014-05:

  • Il s’agit notamment des investissements réalisés en vue d’améliorer les flux de production,
    These include investments to improve production flows,
  • l’innovation au sens large dans les processus, la formation des travailleurs,
    process innovation in the broadest sense of the term, employee training, and
  • voire même l’amélioration du bien-être au travail.
    even improvements in well-being at work.

Netherlands, GL, 2021-03:

  • Een Europa waarin onze economische toekomst groen is.
    A Europe in which our economic future is green.

Germany, CDU/CSU, 2017-09:

  • Wir haben unsere kulturellen Wurzeln bewahrt
    We have preserved our cultural roots
  • und unseren Zusammenhalt gestärkt.
    and strengthened our cohesion.

Spain, Future Yes, 2011-11:

  • El nacionalismo cívico, una de las culturas que anida en Geroa Bai, conlleva el respeto a las distintas ideas y lealtades identitarias existentes en Navarra,
    Civic nationalism, one of the cultures that nest in Geroa Bai, entails respect for the different ideas and identity loyalties existing in Navarre,
  • así como el principio de la igualdad de derechos de todos, sean autóctonos o nacidos fuera.
    as well as the principle of equal rights for all, whether native or foreign-born.

Turkey, AKP, 2015-11:

  • Kış Turizmi Master Planı hazırlanarak, kış turizmine ilişkin yatırımların bütüncül bir şekilde planlanması ve gerçekleştirilmesini sağlayacağız.
    By preparing a Winter Tourism Master Plan, we will ensure that investments in winter tourism are planned and realized in a holistic manner.

Ukraine, SPU, 2002-03:

  • Наступний крок – зменшення їх на 30%
    The next step is to reduce them by 30% by
  • за рахунок використання для потреб населення українського природного газу, втричі дешевшого за імпортний, дешевої електроенергії атомних електростанцій.
    using Ukrainian natural gas, which is three times cheaper than imported gas, and cheap electricity from nuclear power plants.


To retrieve the translated manifestos, e.g. the GroenLinks manifesto from the 2021 Dutch election, via manifestoR, users can use the following function:

corpus <- mp_corpus(party == 22110 & date == 202103, translation = "en")

or to instantly get the result as tibble/data.frame (instead of a ManifestoCorpus object):

corpus <- mp_corpus_df(party == 22110 & date == 202103, translation = "en")

To get a list of all documents with English translations, users can use the following function:

doclist <- mp_metadata(TRUE) %>% filter(translation_en == TRUE)

Thus to get a list of all available English texts including also the originally English manifestos, users can use:

doclist <- mp_metadata(TRUE) %>% filter(translation_en == TRUE | language == "english")


To retrieve the translated manifestos, e.g. the GroenLinks manifesto from the 2021 Dutch election, via the Manifesto Project API, users can use the following calls:<key>&keys[]=22110_2021&translation=en&version=2024-1


The translated manifestos are also available via our two corpus exploration dashboards:

Additionally, they are included in the downloadable "Annotated CSV" files in our main dashboard:


When publishing work using the Manifesto Corpus translation, please reference the Manifesto Corpus depending on the version you used: corpus citation information