manifestata is a free add-on for the commerical statistical software Stata. It provides access to coded election programmes from the Manifesto Corpus and to the Manifesto Project's Main Dataset.


  • provides access to the Manifesto Corpus
  • and support for all other functions of the Manifesto API.
  • downloads and loads the Manifesto Project Main Dataset in Stata
  • calculates uncertainty estimates suggested by McDonald & Budge (2014).


  • Stata - Version 14.0 or higher required.
  • Manifesto Project Database Account (sign up on this webpage)
  • Manifesto Project Database API Key (login to your account, go to your profile page and generate an API key)


  • Type the following commands in your command line in Stata:
  • net from
  • net install manifestata
  • When updating to a more recent version, please first uninstall older versions with ado uninstall manifestata, install the new version, and restart Stata


  • After installation, type help manifestata in Stata command window to view the documentation


You would like to contribute to the development of manifestata, eg. by integrating your preferred scaling procedure for the Main Dataset, fork manifestata on Github and/or get in touch with us.

Authors and Citation

Ecker, Alejandro / Merz, Nicolas / Lewandowski, Jirka / Regel, Sven (2016): manifestata. A stata package to access the Manifesto Project's API.